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Karibib Town Council Chief Executive Officer

unpacking the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP)

1. Effective Governance I want to quote the Hon. Governor of the Great Erongo Region, Hon. Mutjavikua “Karibib is one of the Towns in Erongo Region which is the flagship of Good Governance through effective and efficient administration and must be seen as a best practice”. 2. Economic Advancement Karibib is currently the only town in Namibia where all transport corridors are passing nl: Trans Kalahari and Trans Caprivi high ways. The Council has in Karibib Ext: 6 availed; 1. Four Heavy Industrial Plots 2. Twenty Six Light Industrial Plots 3. Two Hospitality plots There is already a feedlot industry to provide animal Feed to drought stricken farmers in and around Karibib. If the above development is fully serviced, it will alleviate poverty through job creation. The Council has also created opportunities through small Scale farming by availing our Town Lands and preparing a new Extension for Farming and Food production.
3. Social Progression This has emphasis on fighting poverty and hunger. The Council is subsidizing Pensioners and people living with disability on Rates and taxes. The Council is also preparing to avail 35 Small Scale Agricultural plots for Food Production to fight poverty and Hunger. The Council has donated a Plot in Usab Ext: 4 to Ministry Poverty Reduction for the construction of a Food Bank. The Council has approached three embassies to fund an Agricultural Project in Karibib which is at an advance stage 4. Infrastructure Development Karibib Town Council is busy servicing 305 Residential Plots, of which only the installation of electricity is due. Karibib Town Council has also engaged different Private developers through PPP to develop Usab Extension 3, Usab Ext: 4, Karibib Ext: 2, Karibib Ext: 3 and Karibib Ext 4 with total of 1087 Plots, unserviced. The Town Council Allocated 59 Residential Erven to the Shack Dwellers Association in Extension 6.
Department: Local Economic Development, Environmental Health & Corporate Affairs.
This Department is the most integral arm of the council, which is tasked with different roles and responsibilities ranging from; initiating, planning, attracting, marketing, retaining, regulating, and collating with other stakeholders while creating a contusive environment for development within the town of Karibib. The department consists of (3) divisions bellow herein: 1. Local Economic Development 2. Enviromental Management 3. Corporate Affairs With regard to Local Economic Development, the Department has the function to spearhead the initiation and promotion of local sustainable development through a coordinated business link with different stakeholders, attract and support investments, retention and expansion of business in all sectors especially the SME’s while creating employment opportunities. In an effort to keep Karibib a healthier place of residence the Department has the responsibility to continuously keep the town clean at all the time, while providing advice to the general public, possible investors, visitors, government bodies and environmental consultants on issues related to health, environment, solid waste management. Whilst, to uphold and to regulate business operations within the parameters of health regulations. Whereas, through its corporate communications branch, the Department has the mandate to serve as the council’s liaison office with the general public, collate with the media, individuals and other organizations on corporate affairs. It also have the responsibility to prepare, draft, contractual agreements in accordance with all statutory requirements.
Department of Finance
The main purpose of this Department is to manage the financial affairs of the Council by formulating the vision of Council into policies and ensure that the policies are executed in a sound and professional manner. The department is responsible for: Billing and Revenue mobilisation Cash Management and Financial Statements Costing and Budgeting (preparation and monitoring) Debt Management Procurement and Creditors Asset acquisition, insurance and Management
Department of Human Resources and Administration
The function of the department is to maximise the human capital capability and potential of the Council by providing corporate direction in terms of human resources policies, strategies and the alignment of people with business needs. The HR services include talent management; business improvement; training and development; HR systems and organisational design; remuneration; conditions of services; and benefits and employee relations. The core mandate of HR is to deliver the right people, with the right skills and competencies, at the right time and in the right place. We work collaboratively to ensure that the Council’s biggest assets “its skilled and experienced employees” are motivated and fully engaged. HR needs to work in partnership with line managers and employees to ensure that their work, skills and personal aspirations are aligned.
Department of Planning and Technical Services
The Technical Service Department administers the Town Planning, the Zoning Bylaws, the National Building standards, the National Fire Code, the Occupancy and Maintenance Bylaw and numerous other Municipal bylaws. It also provides the technical support services to enable planning, design and construction of approved Municipal Capital Projects such as sewers, roads, sidewalks, buildings, Constructions, Project Planning and Design, Development Control, and Complaints Handling. The daily activities includes reporting to the Management Council, processing of Building Plans, Occupancy and Development Permits, Utility Pole Permits, Subdivision applications, requests for zoning changes, as well as answering general inquiries from residents and from other Departments. Miscellaneous activities includes the revision and updating of standard drawings, maintenance of the streets, and providing support to all other departments. Various sections within the Technical Department:

Maintenance Section

This section is responsible for the maintenance of the existing bulk infrastructure in the town such as attending to all the pipe burst: sewer line blockages and fresh water lines burst and maintaining the road infrastructure. This section is also responsible for the removal of refusals

Emergency Response Unit.

This section is responsible for mitigating and responding to the emergencies around Karibib town. Our Emergency Response Unit is equipped with the modern infrastructure to handle any fire related emergencies, Vehicle accident related emergencies and any other emergencies.

Town Planning Section

This section is responsible for the planning of the future expansion of the town, areas to be proclaimed, zoning, and Subdivision applications.

Building Inspection Section

This section deals with handling and approving of the building plans, as per the guide of the National building standards. It also do inspection on the actual construction of buildings within Karibib town. Property Section Is tasked with administering the selling and leasing of the council immovable property.
Mr:Lesley Grand Goreseb - The Chief Executive Officer
Ms Saara Ilovu :Manager Local Economic Development, Environmental Health & Corporate Affairs
Ms Yvonne Mupetami Manager: Finance & Asset Management
Mrs Emely Tjombumbi Manager: Planning and Technical Services

The envisaged infrastructure development includes:

Truck Port Private Medical Hospital Dental Practice Business Park, etc. Light and heavy industrial

The four extensions comprises of:

943 Single Residential Plots 25 General Residential 52 General Business 4 Government 16 Institutional 6 Local Authority plot 40 Open Space 26 Light industry 6 Heavy Industrial 5. International Cooperation and Relations The Council has approach the Embassy of Botswana to propose a twinning agreement with a town in Botswana of which they have agreed. Karibib will twin with a town called Sowa in Botswana soon. The Karibib Town Council also a proposed to twin with a town in Sweden. Our Embassy in Sweden is busy facilitating a twining agreement. boreholes etc.
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