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Junior Councillors

Karibib Town Council is being guided by the Mandate of Local Authority as provided in Section 30 of the Local Authority Act, (Act 23 of 1992) as amended subject to part VI up to part XII of 2000, which includes; provision of portable water, sewerage systems and drainage, cemeteries, streets and public places, housing schemes, immovable properties of Local Authority Council, valuation of ratable and non-ratable properties within the local authority area.  
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Fire Emergency Fire Officer: Mr Gift Sililo Cell: 0814221805
Water Artesian: Mrs Josef Haisindi Cell: 0816692639
Roads and Sewage Technical Foreman: Mr Natangwa Cell: 0812311122
Karibib Police Station Station Commander : Mrs Ndja0 Tel: 064-550008/ Cel: 0814323592
Junior Council 2018
Junior Council 2016-2017


Her Worship Junior Mayor Jnr Cllr. Gilliian Benade
His Worship Deputy Junior Mayor Jnr Cllr Devante Gawub
Finance Jnr Cllr Annacky Shanauka
Community Development and Economic Growth Jnr Cllr Purity Rukero
Health and Enviromental Managemant - Jnr Cllr Enos Nghipunya
Land, Housing & Infrastructure Development Jnr Cllr Elizabeth Kakoshi
Youth, Sports, Culture, the prevention of Gender Based Violence. Cllr Steven Seibeb
Karibib Town Council